JARUS External Consultation - WG-SRM "SORA Annex A"

Dear JARUS colleagues, industry partners, and unmanned aviation stakeholders, 

As discussed and approved during the virtual Plenary on January 28, 2022, WG-SRM presents for External Consultation "SORA Annex A."

The deadline to submit your comment is 7th April 2022.

Please forward this message to anyone concerned so that this External Consultation can be as sufficient as possible.

Please use the feedback form provided and direct questions and comments to the TF lead, Joerg Dittrich and the JARUS Secretariat:



Thank you for your support.

Kind Regards,

JARUS Secretariat


All documents published for External Consultation must go through the following process:

  1. Before documents are published, the draft is sent out to the JARUS members for Internal Consultation. Once comments are gathered, the JARUS Plenary Team must approve the final document published on the website for External Consultation.
  2. The deadline has to be respected, and access to the tool will be closed the day after.
  3. Working Group Leaders will review the comments made and will discuss them with the other working group members.
  4. IMPORTANT: Only comments submitted online within the deadline will be considered.