Press Releases

JARUS held its second Plenary Meeting in 2022
Publication date: 8 June, 2022
JARUS approved the publication of SORA Cyber Annex: Cyber
Publication date: 18 May, 2022
JARUS holds its first Plenary Meeting in 2022
Publication date: 1 February, 2022
JARUS elects Craig Bloch-Hansen from Canada as new Vice Chair
Publication date: 28 January, 2022
JARUS elected Professor LIU Hao of China as new Secretary General
Publication date: 12 October, 2021
Press Release JARUS Delivers Speech at ANC Talks 2021 June
Publication date: 21 June, 2021
JARUS Press News Release, Election of New Chair, Mr. Giovanni Di Antonio, ENAC
Publication date: 25 March, 2021
PR No 44, JARUS Guidance Material to JARUS Recommendation UAS RPC CAT A and B - Regarding RAE
Publication date: 28 April, 2020
PR No 43, JARUS Plenary Meeting in Chengdu made great achievements and discussed the JARUS update plan
Publication date: 23 February, 2020
PR No 42, JARUS SORA Standard Scenario (STS-02 V1.0)
Publication date: 18 December, 2019